Experiential Travel: People Want More Than Just a Room with a View

Experiential travel ideas are becoming expected when people begin to look for travel opportunities. A room with a view is simply not enough. We’ve always enjoyed programming (what we think) are interesting options as you’ve seen with our Michelin Star Chef exchanges and local dining adventures.

One component that seemed like a natural fit for our next experiential travel idea was to add a music element. Music and travel seem like the perfect love affair…and it is. The first “Unplugged in Paradise” just wrapped up and we really enjoyed seeing it unfold on our lush “stage” in St. Lucia. Many thanks to Ed Roland (lead singer of the multi-platinum band Collective Soul) and his fabulous fans. To get a feel of the event have a look below at one of the multiple shows played over the long weekend. This one was presented on the lawn of the owner’s villa which has incredible sunset views towards Pigeon Island.

Prior to this event Ed Roland had never been to Cap Maison. He had heard about it and seen plenty of videos and images. We were thrilled to welcome him and his fans for what would become an ultimate experiential travel memory for fans that you could not find anywhere else in the Caribbean. All events were stripped down, on purpose, with no real agenda which allowed for the fans to take control as the night went on.

Performances ranged from an organized show on the lawn to a “sit-in” with musicians who happen to be at the event. We had a marriage proposal during one show where Ed Roland (who was tipped off the day before) wrote a special song for the couple. At the end of performing the song he gave the guitar to the newly engaged couple. Not just any guitar off the shelf — a Gibson favorite of Ed’s. He was so inspired by the moment that he handed over the guitar worth thousands of dollars to the glowing couple as thousands of fans watched on our Instagram live broadcast. You can’t script moments like that and it’s a memory we will all remember forever. Another highlight was a “camp-fire” jam at our Naked Fisherman Beach Bar & Restaurant where Ed was surrounded by fans as he belted out hit after hit and rum punch after rum punch.

We’ve all made many new friends and some are already plotting to make it an annual event. Ed summed it up the best when he called the whole thing “organic”. You can’t predict how an experiential travel event like this will go, but when it feels organic from the start all of the pieces start falling together and the magic happens. Thanks to Ed and everyone who came from all around the world for Unplugged in Paradise.