Saint Lucia Hotel Unveils its ‘Adventuremoon’ October

October 2018. Cap Maison Resort in Saint Lucia has introduced a new style of honeymoon that is guaranteed to get the hearts of newlyweds racing. Their new ‘Advenuremoon’ is designed for those that want more than a romantic setting to celebrate their nuptials; that love action, adventure and exploring new places. With a menu of hand-picked excursions to choose from, newlyweds can discover the luscious landscapes of Saint Lucia whilst being hosted in the luxury enclave of the award-winning boutique hotel.

Located on the beautiful northern coast of Saint Lucia, the 5-star resort of Cap Maison is designed in an elegant Spanish Caribbean style, with beautifully-appointed suites spread over three acres of tropical landscaped grounds. Guests have access to a pretty, secluded sandy beach and enjoy a truly bespoke service throughout their stay. The hotel offers the following activities as part of their ‘Adventuremoon’ programme which are organised by their concierge:

Climb to the Skies

A World Heritage Site, you’d be hard-pressed to miss the iconic Pitons, two huge volcanic plugs jutting out of the sea. Guests can hike up Gros Piton, the largest of the two, which culminates at 2,530 ft. The hike requires an early start but the views at the top are rewarding, offering both a romantic, unique 360-degree view over the island, its rugged coastline, and the town of Soufriere below. Keep a look out on the way down for the mysterious hieroglyphics on the mountain walls, left here over 500 years ago by the island’s original settlers.

Cost: From $170 per person, excluding tax

Snorkel on a Secluded Beach

The Piton Sunset Cruise, takes guests to the beautiful Jalousie Beach, a secluded beach nestled right between the Pitons, that feels like a little secret only the locals know about. Scarcely populated, it is the perfect romantic setting for couples. The excursion also includes a snorkelling session, allowing guests to spot the many rare species of the region such as the French Angelfish, the Creole Wrasse, and the Spanish Hogfish. It concludes at sunset, allowing couples to enjoy a beautiful, magical moment as the boat sails back to the hotel, watching the sun dive into the waves.

Cost: From $115 per person, excluding tax

Segway up Mount Pimard

The Segway excursion includes a 20-minute training session to master the Segway, after which guests set off towards the scenic nature trail of Mount Pimard above Rodney Bay with a guide. Along the way guests get a glimpse of the rich history of the island, seeing the many ruins of the bunkers used by the American military during World War II on site. There is the chance to stop by Pebble Beach, a prime spot to watch the local traditional fisherman in action. There are outstanding views at the top: the mountain is surrounded by water, offering a 180-degree panoramic view over the ocean.

Cost: From $95 per person, excluding tax

Soar above the tropical rainforest

Saint Lucia is renowned for its beautiful and unspoilt tropical rainforest, which is home to rare and beautiful species such as the Ficus trees, the dazzling Heliconias. For a bird’s eye view on this unique habitat, guests can fly above the canopy on a Zip Lining Excursion. This adventurous experience will make guests feel like Tarzan as they soar high above the forest, sometimes up to 150 feet above ground. A few stops on the way allow guests to make the most of the outstanding panorama, and complimentary refreshments are provided on site.

Cost: From $80 per person, excluding tax

Explore a deserted beach on horseback

Cas en Bas Beach is one of the wildest and best-preserved beaches on the island, offering the perfect intimate setting to create those ever-lasting memories. Lasting over 4 hours, the horse back tour explores the 1-mile long preserved cove, and couples will feel as though they’ve stepped back to the days of pirate ships, treasure hunts, and secret maps. Half way through the excursion there is a full Caribbean style barbecue, with local specialties such as the callaloo, curry, and pepperpot stew, all savoured against the backdrop of the white sand, and beautiful views over the turquoise waters of the Atlantic.

Cost: From $88 per person, excluding tax

All activities listed above can be booked through the Cap Maison’s concierge desk