Cap Maison with Thanks to YOU for 10 Great Years in St. Lucia

Cap Maison celebrated its 10th Anniversary during the weekend of 5th -7th October 2018. It was such a thrill to see guests come and visit us from all around the world. The celebration simply would not have been the same without the fine guests that have contributed to our success in St. Lucia.

As part of the tenth year Anniversary – local Artist Mo Jean created a “Tree of Life” for Cap Maison – located on the Courtyard Villa exterior wall for all to see. Mo used spare tiles from the original build of 2005- 2008 and sea-glass found at Rock Maison to create the tree. She has allowed room for further branches to be formed as we move into our next ten years.

The anniversary party kicked into high gear on Friday night with am amazing cocktail party at the Gobat Villa “Saman House”. There was live music on the lawn and swarming hors d’oeuvres around the villa from Chef Craig and his team. The party continued into the night at Cliff at Cap with multiple dining stations serving up many of the guest favorite dishes we have been known for over the years. The evening brought a smile to the Gobat family seeing such a joyous group celebrating in their honor after years of hard work bringing Cap Maison to life.

Cap Maison with Thanks to YOU for 10 Great Years in St. Lucia
Saturday evening was electric at Cap Maison

“It has been a journey for us all including the 120 staff we now employ. At the opening we began with a staff of 61 and 31 still remain with us after ten years. From a small beginning to just this week being voted top 20 hotel in the Americas and The Caribbean, we are blessed.” – Ross Stevenson, General Manager

Cap Maison with Thanks to YOU for 10 Great Years in St. Lucia
The Anniversary party goes into the night on Sunday.

Saturday evening was pure energy ‘St. Lucian style” as the “carnival” vibe had everyone on the dance floor. For the evening, the was a special stage made on the second tier of the main pool and the band rocked late into the evening. Then the party really took a whole new level when the entirety of the group headed for the roof top of Villa 50. Within minutes fully dressed bodies began flying into the pool in celebration of Cap Maison. We are not at liberty to say when (or if) the party ended:)

However we will say it ended before the final day’s festivities at the Naked Fisherman. Sunday afternoon was simply perfect with live music, the mouth watering food from the Naked Fisherman and all of the great people enjoying our beach. The day felt like “family” and that is the only way we want it. Once you have stayed with us, you are indeed family. We strive for that feeling and hope to keep you in the family for years to come.